Carterton Invitation Aunt Sally League
About Us - by Secretary Barry Aylett-Warner
Around nine years ago I found myself being asked repeatedly if there was any way to continue playing Aunt Sally after the summer season closed down.
  Deranged I thought, but the requests kept coming. I spent the first year canvassing support, which was there in spades, but the tricky part was finding a suitable indoor venue.
  Then a chance conversation revealed that Carterton Social Centre had both the facilities needed and the willingness to host us.
  A working group was set up to define its constitution. The original principles were :-
  • Teams of roughly equal ability to be created by the mixing of players.
  • Players to be recruited on an individual basis rather than whole teams and must be willling to mix as required.
  • Ideally, recruitment to be targeted to below Section C of the Bampton Summer League to encourage and develop players of lesser ability.
  • The ethos is fairness and friendliness.
  • A twenty two week season to include seven competitions.
  We launched in the autumn of 2011 at a gracious peppercorn rent and by membership fees and playing subs, supplemented by the selling of football cards,
  were able to raise sufficient funds to build our own portable throw and pay full rent in year two.
  Six teams of up to 10 players compete against each other three times to become League champions.
  Everyone in the team throws in each match, but only the highest six scores count towards the result.
  Individual player scores are logged though and count towards an award.
  Time is tightly managed and there are no 3 or 1 stickers in League games, so it's scored on a points basis - 2 points for a leg won; 1 point for a draw.
  In the event of a points draw at the end of the season, doll count decides.
  Teams fully participate in setting up/taking down the throw and operating the electronic scoring system.
  Nine years on, the fundamentals still apply, but the process has been refined over subsequent years (mainly improvements in time management, extra competitions etc).
  Each season is preceded by an AGM where the management Committee is freely elected and the forthcoming season is structured.
  Rules are reviewed and amended as required.
  We currently require a one-off £5 (life) membership fee and a match fee of £2.50 per week. These contributions pay for the hire of the hall, maintenance of
  equipment and any surplus is returned to the membership in the form of refreshments at Christmas and Finals Night. A small float is retained for contingencies.
  We are committed to the continuance of the league for as long as we can maintain economic viability and actively seek to recruit new members
  Whilst members are encouraged to recruit existing summer league friends and team mates for suceeding seasons, please note that, regrettably, we need to vet
  absolute beginners owing to the potential for structural damage when playing indoors.
  To get a feel for a season, check the archive for 2018/19. Click here to see a typical season's timetable.
  Current Committee:-
    Chairman Ben Bennett
    Secretary / Treasurer Barry Aylett-Warner
    Committee Members Darrell Fisher
      Grayson Fisher
      Stuart Coats
For more information : or 01367 253788
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